Season 5

Just Bach Season 5 begins live and in-person October 19, 2022, with the video posted on October 23!

Once again audiences can attend concerts in-person or view the video-recording of the performances online later at the Just Bach YouTube Channel and the Luther Memorial website. The concerts and videos are presented free of charge, but we ask those who are able to help us pay our musicians with a tax-deductible donation

And please subscribe to our YouTube channel! You’ll get updates when we add our new video each month. Concerts are performed live on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, October through April, then posted on the following Sunday.

The May concert



  • BWV 552: Organ Prelude in E-flat Major
  • BWV 529: Organ Trio Sonata in C Major: I. Allegro
  • BWV 1010: Suite IV in E-flat Major: Sarabande, Bourree I & II, Gigue
  • BWV 166:6 Chorale:Wer we iß, wie nahe mir mein Ende!


Charlie Rasmussen, cello
Jared Stellmacher, organ
Alan Muirhead, chorale leader

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