Bringing Bach to the people and the people to Bach, every month, is a huge endeavor, with many moving parts. We on the Just Bach Artistic Team express our deepest gratitude to all those individuals and organizations, whose combined efforts and support help keep the music flowing.

Thank you for believing in us – we couldn’t do it without you.

Luther Memorial Church
Bach Around The Clock
Dane Arts Cultural Affairs Commission
St. Matthias Episcopal Church, Waukesha

Beatrice Pettit-Barron
David Benton
Kimberly F. Lauth
Betty Cohen
Dianne Wiik
Edward Prendergast
Michael Goldsberry
Mary Gordon
Kathleen F. Lewinski
Linda Palmer
Carol J. Poore
Carol Moseson
Neil Johnson
Karen M. Seelig
John Longstreth
Kathy Lewinski
Sonja Nealis
Jordan Kenik
Linda and Bruce Feldt
Ambrose Landmark
Peter Bradley
Sharon Gaskill
Carolyn Kruse
Ambrose Landmark
Donald Nelson
Jan Elliott
Victoria Minsloff
Cynthia Whip
Rebecca Forbes
Corinne Nygren
Kurt Kaczmarek
Gary Leisman
Michael Goldsberry
Rich and Judy Korshak Samuels
Ralph Rabin
Calvin Bruce and Cathy Caro-Bruce
Ann Moyer
Jordan Kenik
Keith and Linda Clifford
Sherri Hansen
Helen Baldwin
Steve and Jane Holtzman
Anton TenWolde
Thomas B. Martin-Erickson
Dean Olsen
Laura Lee Fischer
LeDell Plath
Donald Nelson
Jordan Kenik
Judy & Bill Braham
Jan Elliott

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